Honor Yourself with Good Food and Rest

Life can be busy. While busyness is not bad thing, being too busy can take away your positive gains if you move into a depletion mode. If you were to drive across the desert on a hot summer day, wouldnโ€™t you ensure that your tank is full, and your oil and water is topped off to avoid overheating and subsequent destruction? Of course you would.

Then, why do we continue to push ourselves without a good meal and rest? Which is preferable: Working longer or living longer?

Being engaged in a project or interacting with people are good things. Yet, pushing your health with a poor diet or little sleep will leave you as a rusting hulk along the highway of success you could have had.

Here are three important nourishing things you need for your mind and body:

1. Water – Stay hydrated. Water is like the oil needed by your car that keeps your system flowing and moving.

2. Balanced Diet โ€“ Limit yourself to eating only when you are hungry. When eating healthy, your body will automatically align itself to your perfect weight.

3. Sleep โ€“ You should strive for seven hours of healthy rest per night. This allows your mind and body time to recover from the activity of the day, and prepare for tomorrow.

How does this help you reach your goals?

When your mind and body is tired, you limit your ability to focus and create the life you want. Remember…you create what you focus on. What would expect to get if you allow yourself into a state of depletion?

Honor yourself with good food and rest.

The more you hydrate, nourish, and rest your mind and body, your ability to creatively visualize and bring to form your goal increases.

ยฉ Anthony M. Davis

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