Copied below are a few testimonials received from clients whom I’ve had the privilege to help. You will notice that the names below do not include last names. This is because I am committed to maintaining confidentiality with my clients. I’ve had some come to me for various issues and tell me that their co-workers were not aware of the fact that they saw a hypnotist or received professional coaching.

My clients each receive a feedback form intended to help me perfect my processes. In that form I tell them that their feedback will be posted as either “First Name and Last initial” or anonymous. If a client chooses to share their experiences, then that’s their choice and I would prefer they do it personally with their friends, neighbors or co-workers. As for my site, their confidentiality is maintained. Images below while similar in appearance, do not reflect the actual client.

I Discovered Me

young woman w glasses

I was weary, surviving, aching, sad, impatient, distracted, undisciplined, sometimes just scared. Too tired to care, to be involved, to pay attention; too tired to enjoy living. I was on medication and then counseling, and each day “realizing” I was failing.

I was just a failure… just “here”. My partner asked me to contact Tony Davis but I didn’t want to be hypnotized and be under someone else’s control.

Then I talked with him, and came in for my first session, and…I discovered Me. After our sessions I am now content, confident, secure, joyful, curious, alert, involved. No tricks, no chicanery – just me.

I like this much better.

Becky S.
Charlottesville, VA

Afraid I Would Fail

Man w blue shirt

When I came to see you I was building a new business but was afraid it would fail. Even the thought of being successful made me scared because I didn’t know if I could handle the stress of being successful.

When I came to you and we did the 5 PATH, you helped make all the fears I carried seem to fade away. Now my business is started and it is doing good for a start-up. I now know that I don’t have to freeze in fear anymore. I can get through it all.

James. T
Staunton, VA

I Feel New

I feel new, a woman with a red top, holding a coffee. She has long blonde hair.

I Feel New

A friend recommended Mr. Davis to me. I’m glad I did because now I feel new. I wasn’t sure about hypnosis but others told me it could help me. I’ve had a life full of traumatic times and I just didn’t see how I could ever release the history that dragged me down.

Mr. Davis listened carefully to me and made me feel like I was the only other person around. He took time to put together a customized hypnosis session just for me. I went into his office nervous and I left as a new person.

I have tried everything I knew for over 20 years to feel like the person I wanted to be and nothing worked. After seeing him and doing the Transformation Life Centering, I am the calm person I looked for. I feel like I have a better life.

I recommend to visit his Healing Hypnosis website or contact him here to see how he can help you.

Barbara C.
Charlottesville, VA

A New Life & New Perspective

Business woman

I was referred to you by a co-worker who saw you. When she told me about how you do something called 5 PATH to eliminate fears and anger, I knew that what my friend told me was too familiar. I’ve never been hypnotized before and was really nervous about it. You spent time describing everything to me and by the time I was ready to get into the “Big Chair” I was pretty comfortable.

As a professional person, I’m supposed to be in control of my life. With each step of the process you helped me to gain better understanding of who I am and how years of worry and anger affected my life, relationships and career. I feel like I have regained a new portion of my life and my perspective is much clearer. As you told me, “there will be knuckleheads in the world, but you don’t have to respond to them.” I didn’t really believe that until doing the 5 PATH with you. Thank you.

Shirley J.
Charlottesville, VA

You Calmed My Fears

Woman at peace

I’ve lived in a state of fear and worry for decades. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. When I heard that Mr. Davis knew how to neutralize my fear, I thought I would give it a try. I’ve made myself sick for too long. He told me that I had the ability within myself and he would guide me through the process. I was skeptical but after our first session I knew something was different. With each session I got better and better. Thank you.

Harriet M. – Charlottesville, VA

Very Fast Recovery

Happy woman

I heard that hypnosis could help me recover after surgery but I had to see it to believe it. I was really nervous about the big date where they were going to put me to sleep and operate. During those visits before the operation you helped calm me and prepare for a quick recovery. Thanks to you I came out of surgery feeling good and I healed quickly. Thank you.

Sandra L.
Charlottesville, VA