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The video above is one that I created a few years ago when my practice was still called, “Healing Hypnosis”. I’ve since restructured the practice to include Leadership, Success and Stress coaching. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an incredible selfcare process that you can use for physical discomfort or feelings such as nervousness, fear, anger or more. This video uses a “Headache” as an example. You can just as easily replace “Headache” with any other issue you want to resolve. Doing EFT empowers YOU to be in charge of your mind and body.

Gary Craig's EFT Video

Gary Craig is the creator of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Founder of the popular website, EmoFree. This short video shows a few of the many ways that EFT can be used to restore your body. In order to make EFT available to everyone, Gary has made his EFT tutorial available for FREE.

EFT Tutorial

The Tapping Solution Resources

Tapping Solution Book
Emotional Freedom Technique Book: Tapping for Weight Loss
Emotional Freedom Technique Book: Tapping Pain Relief
Emotional Freedom Technique Book: Manifesting your greatest self
Emotional Freedom Technique Book - teenage girls
Emotional Freedom Technique Book Tapping Gorilla Thumps

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