Grief Series


The Grief Series

Grief. What is it and how does it affect us? When we lose a person or pet that is close to us, the place where we held them in our lives now feels empty. The same is true for โ€œthingsโ€, perhaps a ring, a card, or a photo. It could be anything we once had for years that reminds us of younger times. When lost, we no longer have the means to touch or see that person, pet, or thing. When no longer in our midst, our only certainty is we donโ€™t know how our life will be without them.

Posted below are links to the 5 different sections of this series.

You can either read from start to finish, or pick those areas where you are, or where you think you are. The grief journey is YOUR journey, but please donโ€™t do it alone. At the end of this series, there is a section with books and online resources.