Focused Affirmations Attract the Good

If someone were to ask you to name the important areas in your life that you should strengthen, what would you say? Our lives are so diverse, it would be impossible to name all the aspects of who we are. Yet, here are just a few to think about. How about your confidence, health, ability to love, forgive, and overcome challenges? What about the goal-setting and the entrepreneurial parts of your life?

Strengthening your life with positive affirmations is an extremely useful practice. It is an ongoing reminder to your subconscious mind where your feelings and beliefs reside. When the topic of affirmations come up, some automatically jump to the old question, “Isn’t that just about positive thinking?”

Is that a bad thing? For that I say, “If people don’t want positive thoughts, they can go ahead and think as many negative thoughts that they want.” The problem with that is they’ll likely end up with high blood pressure, stress, an increase in wrinkles from not smiling, and they’ll attract negative people and situations.

Remember that we can attract those things we focus on like less stress, better health, good people and opportunities when we focus on the positive. I’m not going to help teach people how to screw their lives up. They can do that all by themselves if they choose not to take the time to focus on the positive.

The big difference between positive thinking and the approach described is that focused positive thinking targets specific areas of your life. Here’s how it works:

1. Pick seven areas of your life that you want to strengthen, one area for each day of the week.

2. Then, in your journal (you DO have one right?) write down an affirmation in present tense as though it currently exists in your life.

3. Then, in a paragraph or two (more if you like), describe how it feels to have those positive circumstances in your life today. Don’t write, “I will” or “I would like to have”. Try something like, “Because I have _____ in my life, I feel ____.”

4. Describe how these affirmations and feelings apply to your goals. This might be a good time to jot down thoughts that you can use when creating the details of your goal.

Writing about what you think and what you feel, is focused thought that goes right to the subconscious mind. This process brings reality to it and subsequently creates it in your life.

Do this every day for 28-days, each day moving to the next topic. You’ll find that you are creating a healthy practice of affirming your life and creating your goals. Over time you’ll notice that your goals and writing may become more focused and specific.

Here are some examples to start with. Feel free to use these or adjust them as you see fit to apply them to your life.

CONFIDENCE: “Every Day in Every Way, I AM Confident and Capable.”

HEALTH: “Each Day, I Enjoy Good Health, Exercise, Rest, and I Eat Healthy.”

LOVE: “Every Day, I Fill My Life with Positive and Loving People.”

FORGIVENESS: “I Forgive ALL Who Caused me Hurt, and I Wish Them Well.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: “Every Day I Overcome Challenges Easily.”

SUCCESS: “I Attract Good Opportunities and Wealth Frequently and Easily.”

GRATEFULNESS: “I am Grateful for the Good People, and Benefits of My Life.”

After 28-days, go back and read your journal writings. Notice how your goals have either materialized during this time, or there are indicators of their coming. When you choose to continue the practice of journaling, you continue the process of creating.


© Anthony M. Davis, BCH, MSCA

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