Transformative Life Centering: The Power of Hypnotherapy and Coaching to Achieve Personal Growth

Change is a constant part of life, and Transformative Life Centering is important to recognize the need to make adjustments in order to create a meaningful existence. Otherwise, life stays the same, and over time, you can claim the false belief that this is all there is.

Painfully, the self perception that you don't deserve better is a lie.

Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head. Take positive action now before things get worse.

Awareness of the need for change isn’t enough. You need to pursue it. That means you have to address the deep-seated fears, worries, false beliefs and confidence killers that live in your subconscious.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of recognizing the need for change. Then, we’ll look at how the transformative power of combining hypnotherapy and coaching can help you overcome obstacles and reach personal goals.

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Enhancing Awareness: The First Step Towards Change

Awareness serves as the cornerstone of all personal growth journeys. Without a realization of the need for change, you can remain stagnant and never fully tap into your potential.

Just as a need for innovation and growth motivated our nation’s great inventors, our desire for personal development should drive us towards life transformation.

We work together and train your subconscious to believe in your worth during the transformative process. We plant the seeds that allow your confidence to grow.

It’s important to recognize that I said, “WE”. Yes, it’s true that before our first session, I created a personalized plan for YOU. Yes, it’s true as a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, I take you to places where your subconscious can see the goodness hidden deep within you.

For your success, we work as a team, and when you are “All-In” and allow the goodness to happen, then it is “WE” that are making the changes. Your subconscious then knows that YOU are a vital part of the positive changes that occur.

This is an important point because when our work is done, it is you that continues to see an awareness of new possibilities and take action. During coaching phases later, we can identify obstacles ahead and ways to reach your goals (discussed ahead).

Transformative life centering

Throwing Away the Stones - Free of Fears and False Beliefs

Continuing with the next few sessions is where the deep work locates the underlying fears, worries and false beliefs that were carried for most of life. The work is quite detailed beyond this article.

The best analogy of cause and effect is with stones. Each time you experience a fear, worry, false belief, or some other negative feeling, it’s like dropping a small stone into your pocket. They stay with you wherever you go. Over time, your pockets get filled and you place the stones into a bucket that you carry. With each negative experience, you pick up another stone and eventually need a wagon to carry them.

You get the point. The years of negative, hurtful experiences slow you down. You’re not as strong, flexible or resilient as you could be. This part of the work finds the causes of your emotional rock collection and takes away the power they once held over you. It’s time to throw away the stones and start focusing on your personal values and goals.

A Life of Value: Aligning Personal Values and Goals

When designing a life of value, discover your personal values and goals. What does a life look like with those defining characteristics and dreams? Only you will truly know if you allow yourself to think beyond someone else’s determination of the possible.

Far too many clients came to me seeking a way forward after others tried to define their life limits and took away the concept of dreaming and creating new possibilities. This isn’t some kind of woo-woo magic. We attract what we think about.

If you listen and believe the naysayers trying to hold you back, you’ll stay stuck. Conversely, when you allow yourself to dream of possibilities, every day can be a joyous adventure if you put yourself in the picture. In Transformative Life Centering, this part begins during the hypnosis phase, where your subconscious can see that life and believe it as yours.

Recognizing Personal Resources: A Pathway to Change

It's crucial to know your strengths and resources. You'll likely notice that confidence grows in the first few Transformative Life Centering sessions. It’s natural to see improvements in your thoughts, beliefs, and willingness to take action. These support your efforts to achieve your goals.

The Role of Awareness in Persistent Change

We began this article with the premise of awareness and change being a constant part of life. Throughout your personal growth journey, the underlying conflicts transform within the subconscious to support you. Each step along the path includes awareness to identify opportunities for persistent and positive change. Positive emotions like joy, energy, and gratitude, each serve as barometers of positive change.

The Role of Coaching: Bringing Goals to Life

While hypnotherapy plays an integral role in addressing deep-rooted fears and beliefs, coaching complements the process by transforming goals into actionable steps. Through personalized attention, accountability, and support, coaching can help you navigate obstacles, stay motivated, and celebrate achievements.

The combination of hypnotherapy and coaching, known as Transformative Life Centering, offers a holistic approach to personal growth.


  • What is the role of hypnotherapy in Transformative Life Centering?
    Hypnotherapy addresses deep-rooted fears, worries, and false beliefs in the subconscious. The result is transformative change.
  • How does coaching support the hypnotherapy process?
    After the deeper, subconscious work through hypnosis, coaching brings goals to life at a more productive level. After resolving the underlying subconscious inhibitors, coaching has a smoother road to transformation.
  • Can Transformative Life Centering help overcome internal barriers?
    Yes. The hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to re-train faulty belief patterns in the subconscious.

Final Thoughts on Transformative Life Centering

Transformative Life Centering can empower you by resolving underlying fears, worries, and beliefs. Through consistent confidence building, you can welcome change and take action to pursue personal growth.

Hypnotherapy and coaching work together by first addressing deep-rooted fears, then coaching facilitates change and brings goals to life.

When you wholeheartedly decide to pursue this transformative journey, you can experience a fulfilling and meaningful existence, overcome limiting beliefs, and embrace your true potential.

Are you ready to begin your own transformative journey?


About the Author

Anthony M. Davis is a Certified Leadership, Success and Stress Coach. He is a clinically trained Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

He has earned a national reputation for his Transformative Life Centering work with clients from across the nation. His unique approach helps clients remove underlying fears and triggers, and then, through coaching, helps them pursue and accomplish life and career goals.

He provides coaching and hypnotherapy sessions remotely through Zoom. If you have challenges you’d like resolved, contact him HERE to create the life change you desire.

In a Prior Career…

Immediately following 9/11, Mr. Davis was the creator and publisher of the Homeland Security Report (before there was a Dept. of Homeland Security). His audience was law enforcement, first responders, and security professionals reaching thousands of readers across the U.S. He published the HSR for 12-years before focusing on global sciences & technology, and cyber.

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