Transformative Life Centering

release the past aim for the futureTransformative Life Centering is a process that’s intended to help people set in motion a path for a successful life. It also allows a person to undo the results of decades of false perceptions that they have been carrying around.

Because of this unwanted baggage, over time they find themselves afraid to try new things, to speak up or to effectively lead, and it impacts relationships that could otherwise be healthy and happy.

The Transformative Life Centering process is actually pretty simple.

Levels of emotion often dictate the way we live our lives or respond to life around us. In particular, two significant drivers are fear and anger. Transformative Life Centering is intended to re-center a person’s life so they can then utilize their inherent skills and abilities… to be successful… and interact with others in a healthy way.

First, let’s define the process by breaking it down.

Transformative, coming from the word Transform, meaning to change in character or condition.

What’s being transformed?

Your life.

And how is it being transformed?

By Centering, which is to be emotionally healthy and calm.

Chances are you understand the transformative life part. Let’s look at centering a bit closer. Earlier I mentioned two key emotions: fear and anger. Imagine a straight horizontal line on a piece of paper. In the very center intersects a vertical line. That’s the center point…the point of being emotionally healthy and calm.


Fear Spectrum
At the far left of the line it measures the greatest amount of fear. The farther to the left you go, the more fearful a person becomes. On the other extreme to the right, the end of the line reads fearlessness. Now it’s natural to assume that being fearless is a good thing right? At times that’s true. Yet, fear by itself is not a bad thing. It can be a healthy protective mechanism that keeps us from hurting ourselves by being careless. It would actually be better to be at the center point of calmness as that allows a person to make healthy choices.


Anger Spectrum
Okay…now, let’s look at the same line. This time, instead of looking at fear, we’ll look at anger. Again…a horizontal line on the paper with a small vertical line intersecting at the center. At the far left it measures the greatest amount of anger. The farther to the left you go, the angrier a person becomes. That level…all the way to the left measures a level of rage.

On the other extreme to the right, the end of the line reads the complete opposite…A level of euphoria. Obviously these feelings are two opposite extremes: One of Anger and the other…Euphoria. Most people would go for euphoria, but realistically, that’s an extreme level of happiness that sometimes comes with carelessness. It’s best to be near the healthy point of calm. Once again, that allows for better choices.

So Transformative Life Centering or TLC works on the fears and anger and helps you get to the place where you have control of the way you respond in a healthy way. You don’t have to live in a state of fear and a lack of self-confidence. This puts a wall between you and the life you should be living…your career…your relationships and your self worth.

Realistically, Transformative Life Centering is useful to just about anyone. After all, we’ve all had times in our life when…whether we want to admit it or not. We’ve all been fearful or lacked confidence to do things that can build our lives. Right? So…instead considering the good within them people listen to negative self-talk. They feed their subconscious mind with limiting beliefs about how they can’t do something or be what they want to be. They put minimal effort into projects so they will not reach some invisible threshold of failure. This impacts their thoughts…their work…their projects…and their life. Sure…they could walk through life with little baby steps to be safe, but it’s not fulfilling.

take control of your lifeThis cycle of negative self-abuse leaves a person believing their dream of a good relationship or a successful career and overall contentment in life belongs to other people. Well…let me tell you…that’s just wrong.

Within you are the abilities to do and be anything you want to do. YOU just need to decide. YOU need to decide whether you are going to release all that junk you’ve been carrying around with you. The Transformative Life Centering process will get you where you want to be… if YOU choose to.

The same is true with anger. We’ve all been on the receiving side of a bad situation, someone else’s misdeeds. Sometimes we become frustrated with our own bad choices in life. How many times have you replayed that old tape player of things that happened… or things you wished you’d said… or still want to say to someone?

When you’re done with that internal beating and diatribe that you allowed upon yourself…

How does that make you feel?

What does that make you think?

What does that do for your day…your life…your health or your relationships?

You find yourself frustrated and then the old tape player comes back on. It’s best to let it go. It’s old news… Just like an old tape player is old news.

This is where Transformative Life Centering comes in. Through a series of safe, hypnotic processes and stress management work, we work together to release the old junk from the past that limits your future. Through Transformative Life Centering, you now get a “Reset Button” for your life. Sure there will be days when things occur that makes us nervous or angry…that’s natural. By releasing the old stuff, your perception for tomorrow takes you to a healthier place where you can expect contentment. You will be in control and won’t have to find yourself going to extreme ends of the emotional spectrum.

Contact me today and we can begin the process of transforming your life. You’ll be glad that you did.

You Will Be In Control.