Don’t Do It Alone

When it comes to setting and achieving your goals, you don’t have to do it alone. Invite someone to join you in the process and make it a joint project. If you want to really empower yourself, create a Mini-Mastermind group. When you share your goal with others and they share with you, you can energize each other through brainstorming. As you each develop individual strategies and action steps, you become accountability partners to one another.

I have seen remarkable yields from the collaborative spirit of like-minded people focused on success. Many of my clients are seen one-on-one through Leadership or Personal Entrepreneurial and Success Coaching, or through Transformative Life Centering as we address years wasted from an abuse situation. In each case, upon completing our work together, in your hands are new reigns, allowing you to ride into a new future of your choosing.

I’m of the belief that a person should not require coaching or therapy for life. Sure, things come along and there’s value to a refreshment once in awhile. Yet, once you are freed from the abuses or misperceptions carried for years, you are ready to begin living your life. The same is true for life coaching. Once we go through and navigate the things that seem to make a person feel stuck, it’s time to start living.

It’s amazing to watch the things that occur when people become empowered and create Mini-Mastermind groups. Instead of staying in a coaching or therapy mode, within a group each member becomes the coach and is in turn coached by other members together. A creative spirit is formed by the group and long-lasting friendships begin to grow stronger.

If you try to do it alone, what will you do on the day when you’re tired? It becomes easy to slack off without a partner to motivate you. The habit of avoidance can turn into inaction. Inaction then gives the fruit of your goals to someone else willing to stay the course. This is why creating a Mastermind group is so important.

Within your group, you gain new accountability partners as you collectively create success strategies. Through each process, businesses have been created, books jointly written, new products developed and lives lived at new exciting and rewarding levels.

Do you want to create you Mini-Mastermind group yet are unsure where to start? Reach out to me. I can help you. I create small groups of people that empower one another so nothing will ever hold you back.

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