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Ask a person their true purpose and many have no idea. As a leadership and success coach, I’ve asked that question hundreds of times and helped them change the program. They’ll tell me, “I want to be happy, healthy, rich and successful.” Of course you do; who wants to be sad, sick, poor or stagnant in life? Yet, that’s where many people choose to reside.

Why? Sometimes it’s a series of issues in their current environment. Most of the time, it’s what they’ve grown and nurtured all their life by planting and watering the unhealthy seed.

What does that mean?

You tell me. What does the self-talk that you listen to and play over and over again in your head tell you? Where does it come from? It‘s very easy to get caught in a loop. I prefer to call it a “Program” that’s stuck on rerun mode; we play it and replay it again. Instead of looking toward the future, we carry around our past and that place darkens our beliefs for our future. A bad experience or even a misperception leads to thoughts and feelings that turn into beliefs. Those beliefs, when repeatedly cycled in our mind for years creates the hard-wired pattern of living without.

I know these programs very well. I survived three attempts to kill me as a young child and later grew up being told I was a burden and should expect a life of failure. One of those attempts left me with a blink that further “verified” that I was broken. Was it a medical result or an emotional response? I don’t know but I made a choice to trudge forward in life because negative people or situations don’t define us.

Have you ever had a time when things looked hopeful and you felt excitement for a new opportunity, only to watch it disappear? I have. It’s hurtful and disappointing. In one of those cases, a senior leader kept telling me, “We need your leadership. You really should consider applying for the XYZ position.” When the hiring event came, he hired a younger person with no experience for the job. I found later that he’d been telling others the same story. He didn’t want a technically proficient leader – he wanted admirers to stroke his ego. Yes. There are dysfunctional people in this world that enjoy toying with people. We should learn from them and move forward.

Those situations can lead to anger, and as we declare ourselves angry, we cannot claim happiness. They are two opposites. When we are listening to the program, we are turning up the volume and making it run at an erratic pace so that’s all we hear. When that’s all we hear, then that’s all we can be…unless we make a choice for something better.

What about you?

Do you spend time “hoping” things will go okay, or do you have an expectation of success, good health, and happiness with solid steps to get there?

Isn’t hope a good thing?

Absolutely. Yet, hope without action leads to disappointment. When my clients tell me they are hoping for the best, I ask them, “What’s the “best” look like and what steps are you prepared to take to get there?

I’ve watched clients get stuck when trying to identify the best. It’s often easier to describe things that are not as they should be in their life…their job, their looks, relationships, finances, health or more. When each of those elements are viewed as an obstacle rather than a path to blessing, we reframe them into the positive and begin creating a path forward.

This is the value of working with a coach. If you’ve been listening to the same inner voice for years, you may have chosen to stay close to the familiar. When working with a committed and experienced professional, you start hearing a new voice. For years, you’ve listened to the familiar internal self-talk that kept you in place. That hasn’t worked for you. It’s time to allow the new voice to change the program so your mind begins to listen and create a positive life.

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About the Author

Mr. Davis is the Director at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development. As a Certified Leadership and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach, and Natural Health Practitioner, he helps clients reach their goals and live a life of fullness.

He is part of an exciting international cellular health and technology company. He is actively recruiting entrepreneurial-minded people to join his successful team. Those selected to participate in this exciting opportunity receive training and support necessary to create and enjoy a successful business.

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