Pay Your Bills with a Smile

I realize this may sound odd to smile when paying your bills. After all, who wants to pay bills right? Yet, it really comes down to something we talked about in an earlier article (Notice small changes). The key here is to focus and build the habit of gratitude. When you begin to form those emotional muscles within you, you can actually attract helpful resources in your life by giving back.

I remember very well my early days when I didn’t have two nickels to rub together. I clung onto everything I had as if the wind was going to blow it out of my hands. That mindset subconsciously rejected any chance of reaching goals or manifesting anything but a state of want. And…that continued the cycle of lack. After all, that’s what I knew as my “Normal” and my subconscious mind formed the belief that that’s where I should stay.

A lot has happened over the succeeding years and in spite of myself, I learned that it’s okay to live well. It’s okay to give yourself permission to be happy. It’s okay when wealth, resources or good people show up in your life without having to scratch and sweat to earn it.

Life was at an all-time low at one point. A business I was struggling to run crawled along back in the 80’s and then, I was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. The business went away and I needed physical recovery. Along the way, as little breaks would come along, I was grateful for all the small things…anything was a good thing. That sense of appreciation helped me see I didn’t have to struggle along through life. Back then, as a new Christian, this also increased my faith.

Nowadays, when I get a bill (like the property tax bill that recently showed up), I don’t see it as a burden. It’s a reminder of the good things that happen in my life and my ability to pay it. Each year when the tax bill goes up, I’m reminded that the bill is representative of my increasing resources over the prior year.

When you make a point to smile…even if things don’t appear on the surface as going well. We strengthen our mind and physiology in a healthy way. When we physically smile, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin begins to flow as neurotransmitters are activated from a simple thing like smiling. Stress decreases, confidence increases and our outlook moves to the positive side of the road.

When you feel good, you create new connections in your mind, form new beliefs and expect more good in your life.  Those things you feel, believe and expect, then mirror what you attract into your life.

Each time you write a check to pay a bill, think about how good it is to have the funds and ability to pay that bill in the first place. In the memo section of the check, write, “Thank you”. That raises the energy level and helps solidify a picture of success within your subconscious mind. The very act of smiling emphasizes a sense of contentment, again making way for the positive energy to push out the negative.


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