Words Matter

As we continue on with our series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals”, we look at the power of word choice. Words are powerful and they create your reality in either a positive or negative way. What words do you use when you describe your life situation? Do you tell yourself all the reasons why you can succeed, or do you remind yourself of old negative self-talk that once held you back?

When you talk about good living, health and financial freedom, do you describe a world that has enough abundance for you too, or do you believe you need to work hard, anticipating struggle to get ahead?

As you walk through your days handling your various tasks, do you consciously focus upon the things that are positive, or do you make a mental list of things that are wrong?

Do you take a mental inventory of your life and recognize you have many skills and abilities, and you are getting better and better each day? Or, do you think you are not enough and life is a big competition?

When a creative idea comes to mind, do you take inspired action, or do you procrastinate or let it languish completely because you believe you couldn’t finish it anyway?

Are you living with an expectation of abundance, or an expectation of lack?

The words you use, whether spoken or mental, determine whether you paddle with the current or struggle against it. Your subconscious mind forms and stores your beliefs. When that part of your mind hears your thoughts or words, it creates corresponding beliefs.

Strengthen your life with words that empower and include you. Then use these words in your dialog with those you care about. You’ll find you are creating a wonderful realm of success.

A Few Questions:

  1. What words or thoughts empower your life?
  2. Which do you need to guard yourself from?
  3. How do you stay in control and stay on the positive side of your life?

Please leave a comment to share what works for you. Also, share this post. When others start thinking about their words, we naturally plant seeds of kindness around us.

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