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The Center for Personal Leadership and Development proudly announces that Anthony M. Davis, BCH, CTACC, MSCA shared and published his true life memoir of surviving danger and near death incidents.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - July 12, 2022 - PRLog -- Covered From Above - A Shield From Injury or Death is the true story of a life that started poorly. Before his first two-years of life, there were three attempts to kill him. Growing up in an uncertain and violent environment, living in a state of fear became easy. As a young boy, he had a close encounter with a rattlesnake. Later in life, a gunman at the front door, a helicopter accident in the jungle, 20-minutes in a car with a serial killer, being rear-ended by an 18-wheeler, and more. There were 15 times when things could have ended poorly. Every time, God always provided a covering, and continues to do so today.

Mr. Davis is well known as a proud Veteran of two military services, federal law enforcement and as a Hypnotherapist and Coach to clients across the United States. He is additionally known for his fine art photography and as a bestselling Author. Many of his clients come from challenging environments and arrive with limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving success in life. Mr. Davis said, "It's important that my clients see me as a real person that experienced significant challenges and continued to reach goals. That perspective helps them find levels of success in their own lives." He attributes his protection from dangerous times to God's covering.

During the timeframe when writing the last chapter of the book, He had a serious stroke and less than an hour left if not for a vital clot-busting drug, and a trip to the Intensive Care Unit. During recovery he jokingly said, "Now I have to write another chapter." Even amidst a near life-ending experience, he chose to use it to benefit others.

Covered From Above - A Shield From Injury or Death is a book that will help every reader view the challenges in their life in new, healthy ways. Rather than live in fear, they can live with confidence. This new resource is available in both print or ebook format, or you can get an autographed coped directly from Mr. Davis and shipped to you via the website at:

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