Part 5 – Support Resources for Grief

Navigating the challenging journey of grief often requires a supportive network and accessible resources. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you during the grieving process. From online communities to professional counseling services, these resources play a crucial role in providing solace and guidance to those in need. As new resources become available, I will post them here.

In addition to the resource links below, links to the sections of this series are below. You can either read from start to finish, or pick those areas where you are, or where you think you are. The grief journey is YOUR journey, but please donโ€™t do it alone. At the end of this series, there is a section with books and online resources.

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Books on Grief and Healing

Books have long been a source of information, comfort and insight during challenging times, and grief is no exception. There is a wealth of books and literature dedicated to grief and healing.

Notable Books

Online Communities and Chat Forums

Online communities and chat forums are valuable platforms for connecting with others who share similar experiences. Many of the websites and support communities offer a space for people to share their stories, exchange coping strategies, and find a sense of community. These platforms transcend geographical boundaries, creating a virtual support network accessible day or night.


Grief Counseling Services

Professional guidance through grief counseling services is an invaluable resource when looking for structured support. Licensed therapists and counselors specialize in helping individuals navigate the complexities of grief, providing a safe and confidential space to express emotions and develop coping strategies.

Organizations like the American Counseling Association (ACA) offer directories to help individuals find qualified counselors in their local area.

ACA Grief Search

I am not a medical or mental health provider. I am a Board Certified Hypnotist trained through the American School of Clinical Hypnosis. I am also a Certified Coach and Accredited Stress Coach. The work I do is to help clients regain confidence, overcome fears, and ease stresses. Those methods are supportive of this topic.

This resource is not a substitute for medical or medical health advice. If some issues are outside the scope of my practice, I can refer you to those best able to help.ย  I am obligated by an ethical standard to pursue the best care for you and operate within the scope of my training. In many cases, even if you are being seen by a medical professional, I can help you if I receive a medical referral.ย  This is common practice, as many doctors refer to certified consulting hypnotists to complement their plan of care.

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