Abuse and Emotional Distress

Hypnosis - Abuse and Emotional Distress

Many women have been the victim of physical, sexual abuse and emotional distress at some point in their lives.

Through Transformative Life Centering we work to neutralize the resultant fears, worries, angers and other emotions that ruin their self-confidence and impede healthy relationships.

Because of the life-changing work done at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development, many women have traveled long distances to gain a new perspective of the events in their lives. Your past does NOT determine your future.


  • Were you ever emotionally or physically harmed in your life?
  • Were you bullied in school or later in life?
  • Were you ever sexually abused?
  • Did you ever live in an environment of fear or worry?
  • Do you feel “Stuck” in your life?
  • Do you struggle to find or maintain healthy relationships?
  • Do you have what seems like a negative tape player constantly going in our mind?
  • Do you experience a sense of free-floating fear or worry?
  • Do you worry that your life is “running out of time” and the opportunity to live your dream is over?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable around groups of people?

These are just a few of the many different areas in life that can hold you back, prevent you from enjoying healthy, satisfying relationships, or reach a level of success in your career…or a happy, content place in your life. These are areas where I can help you.

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Some have asked, โ€œDo you work with men?โ€ The answer to that is, โ€œYesโ€. I regularly have the opportunity to work with a lot of clients who have dealt with prior abuse or emotional distress. Looking back at those that Iโ€™ve worked with, more of the women seem to โ€œGet itโ€. Theyโ€™ve dealt with the cost of carrying emotional baggage for years and they are ready to get rid of it.

Iโ€™ve also had the privilege of helping a lot of men as well with great success. Yet there seem to be more men that wonโ€™t fully participate or follow the suggestions that will help them. So, before I work with men, I make sure they are willing to be a full participant. I want to work with people who want the change to create the life they want. I work to gain positive life change and when we begin working together, we become a team, focused on YOUR best.

Once my clients begin to move forward, I incorporate success coaching into the process so they can have the successful life they deserve. Itโ€™s my belief that no one should have to live their lives in fear, lacking confidence or held back by the misdeeds of others. If this describes you, then letโ€™s get together and change it. You deserve better.

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It’s important to note that I am not a medical practitioner. I am a Board Certified and clinically-trained Hypnosis professional, Life Coach, Success Coach and Stress Coach. I have some clients who are currently under medical care; others are not. For those under medical care, my work should be seen as a complement to your ongoing care, not an alternative.