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Anthony M. Davis, BCH, CTACC, MSCA, Director, Center for Personal Leadership and Development

My Name is Anthony M. Davis. I’m a Certified Executive Leadership and Professional Life and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach and Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

The Foundation of My Beliefs

I am a Christian Practitioner and Coach. My belief is that you were created as a person of value, regardless of your background, culture, religion or any other factor. God has blessed me in many ways and so my purpose is to help you recognize and develop your successes individually and professionally. My background allows me to understand the variety of issues that all of us face at different times in our life. We all have varying levels of stress in our lives.  As we conduct an individualized stress assessment, we can take proactive action to minimize the stress and turn it into confidence and capability.

Whether I am working with you as an individual, a group, helping you create a strong, unified and efficient organization as a small company or large corporation, my purpose is to find the good within people and processes. We then use those skills as a team, allowing you to soar into new levels of success.

I’ve served in two military services, law enforcement, and I’ve led people and organizations to new professional heights in their careers.  In my very early years, I worked dirty and unpleasant jobs and I learned that all people are important and collectively we can create effective organizations. As a creative individual, I’m also a bestselling author and an internationally-published fine art photographer. I was rated one of the “Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World” for 2015 through 2017.

We can enjoy successes in numerous areas of our life if we are willing to step forward.

As a Success Coach, it is my goal to help to realize that your past does not define your future. Too many people view their goals and dreams based on their current situation. That environment makes a person stay “stuck” and they can never see beyond what they already have. When we begin work, I don’t believe in long-term “Subscription plans”. When we work together, I focus on those things that need to be changed for your best and work to get you there.

The reality is that with personal success coaching, you are fully capable to reach your goals.

I utilize both a Mind and Body approach. The value of this work is that it helps you to understand your core feelings and emotions, and then access your innate wisdom to neutralize painful emotions and/or situations. This approach helps you to gain new insights and levels of confidence that leads you toward successes in your future.

I have led people to success and worked for those that try to make our lives difficult. I bring with me experiences that help me to understand you and help you reach the best that you can be.

I believe that each person is important. I’ve watched people face unnecessary challenges because of the stresses of life and habits that seem to control them.  It’s exciting to watch a client’s life change before my eyes. The stress fades away and they realize they no longer have to carry a burden. When people take control over their life they can actually begin to see the potential within them to reach their goals.

I have helped many people see new successes in their lives…After all, it IS about people and finding the best within them to bring positive change.

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