Workplace Environment Survey

Question 1:

When you recall specific incidents or situations that occurred in your workplace, do those experiences cause you to feel hurt, angry, or drained?

Question 2:

Did the experiences at your workplace sometimes negatively affect your personal or professional confidence, or make you doubt your self-worth?

Question 3:

As a result of the working environment, did you find yourself adding unhealthy coping mechanisms?

(For the purpose of this question, an unhealthy coping mechanism might include alcohol, tobacco, other substance use, or unhealthy eating habits.)

Question 4:

Think back to the strengths and positive qualities you possessed before entering the workplace. Do you feel your strengths and positive qualities have declined since you arrived?

Question 5:

Did you feel you needed to find healthy methods to counter negative emotions or stress caused by the work environment?

Question 6:

Do find yourself replaying negative conversations you either had at your workplace, or wish you could have with problematic people?

Question 7:

Do you ever find it difficult to imagine a happy and exciting life because your workplace makes you feel stuck?

Some Notes About You and Your Working Environment

The Results (below), will be emailed to you.

I email these out once a day (unless I'm out of town). Then, I'll email them out as soon as I can. This is the first version of this self-reflective exercise, and I plan to expand this into a short course with more resources. So far, this initiative is very popular.

I believe the popularity of this exercise is because our current working environments have many that are problematic. Those are the ones that harm good people like you.

Click the "Keep Me Informed" for new resources. I want to create solutions to make things better.

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