Goal Setting – Be Open to Outcome

This is the first part of a series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals.”

While it is good to be specific when setting goals and planning how to attain them, be careful of thinking that becomes too rigid. Focusing too much on one specific way to reach your goal with one specific outcome can blind a person to unexpected opportunities and methods.

By all means, have a specific intent, but allow the process to deliver what you need in its own unique way. When you choose to set a goal and go after it, allow yourself to recognize little things that change, or opportunities, people or situations that appear in your life. You may very well begin to notice that youโ€™re leading toward your goal โ€“ only in a different way than you planned. Youโ€™ll find it is more rewarding than relying upon a single rigid plan that you initially considered. Be open to the outcome and know the reward is there and will arrive according to the best plan for you.


Anthony M. Davis, BCH, MSCA

Mr. Davis is a Personal Leadership and Development Coach, Stress Coach and a Board Certified Hypnotist, Located in Charlottesville, VA.

As a Personal Leadership and Development Coach, he challenges and builds his client’s confident awareness to create positive change in their lives. According to Mr. Davis, “My clients pay me good money for results. They don’t need a baby-sitter; they need a Coach that gets those results.”

As a Board Certified Hypnotist, he helps clients that faced many years of abuse or personal trauma. Today, they live positive lives, enjoy healthy relationships and engage in exciting careers. Using his Transformative Life Centering processes, he helps them realize their inner worth and regain their lives.

His clients include everyday people with everyday challenges, celebrities and business professionals from all over the U.S.ย  He prides himself with the reward of life change in his clients. For more information, visit The Center for Personal Leadership and Development or Healing Hypnosis

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