Get Rid of Self-Comparative Thoughts

Today we continue in part three of our series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals”. Our discussion today talks about getting rid of self-comparative thoughts.

In our last post, we talked about how doing a cleanup of your junk drawer, closet or your office is a good thing. Don’t forget the other areas of your life. What habits and thoughts have you been clinging onto that no longer serve you? Let them go.

I wonder how many times you didn’t set a goal because internally, you felt youโ€™d never achieve it anyway. How many times have you seen a well-to-do person and thought how it would be nice to be them? The โ€œUs vs. Themโ€ mentality is an unhealthy path to follow. It subconsciously feeds a message that wealth is for โ€œSomeone elseโ€. How many times have you avoided looking into a mirror because you felt you might not like the person youโ€™d see looking back at you?

The world is full of people that want to compare your value to those around them. Let me tell you: The world is full of knuckleheads, but they don’t have to drive you or define you. The world is also full of wonderful, loving, supportive people. Hang out with them and your internal dialog will naturally become positive and empowering.

Some time ago, I had a coaching client in California. Here is a talented woman, full of creativity. Even though she is a successful movie producer, she allowed the comparative talk to take root and taint her own self view. In her professional environment, people around them live by comparison. You know the old saying, “Keeping up with the Jones’s“? That community weighs their own value or success by having the high-end car, home and 7+ figure bank account.

While all those things are good, they won’t serve a person if having them brings them to the gutter of comparison. During our sessions together, she began to understand that successful living begins with her own self-value and the ability to value others. She recognized that too much energy was focused on other people’s ego and it subsequently minimized her ability to keep ahead of her own productions. Today, she’s no longer hamstrung by the “Good ole boy” network that tried to define her.

Get rid of self-comparative thoughts. They don’t serve you. As a person that lives by faith, I know this: God does not make mistakes and you are not a mistake. You are a well-planned work of art. When comparative thoughts hold you back. Fire them. Give them permission to leave. Sure we all can change and adapt and tweak our lives for the better. But starting today, begin focusing on who you will be because you don’t have room for the negative thoughts tossed your way by others.


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About the Author

Anthony M. Davis, BCH, MSCA

Mr. Davis is a Personal Leadership and Development Coach, Stress Coach and a Board Certified Hypnotist, Located in Charlottesville, VA.

He challenges and builds his client’s confident awareness to create positive change in their lives. According to Mr. Davis, “My clients pay me good money for results. They don’t need a baby-sitter; they need a Coach that gets results.”

As a Board Certified Hypnotist, he helps clients that faced years of abuse or personal trauma. Today, they live positive lives, enjoy healthy relationships and engage in exciting careers. Using his Transformative Life Centering processes, he helps them realize their inner worth and regain their lives.

His clients include everyday people with everyday challenges, celebrities and business professionals from all over the U.S.ย  He prides himself with the reward of life change in his clients. For more information, visit The Center for Personal Leadership and Development or Healing Hypnosis

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