What is Coaching?

CoachingWhat is Coaching?

Coaching is a unique confidential, professional relationship intended to help you discover what your true goals are. Many people when asked, “What are your goals?”, they would stumble. In our fast-paced environment, it becomes very easy to get lost in the flurry of activities around us.

A Professional Coach asks deep, probing questions that many haven’t previously asked of themselves. This approach helps you to recognize your own internal skills and resources and gain new clarity, focus, motivation and confidence, which produces positive results quickly. Coaching provides you with the tools, support and capability to go beyond where you have been previously and reach new levels of success.

Most coaching sessions are done via telephone or Skype, allowing greater flexibility of scheduling and opportunities to foster national / international reach.

What Coaching is Not

Therapy. Coaching is not therapy. The process of coaching does not include working on psychological issues or attempting to investigate the reasoning behind human behavior. While a person may gain a greater realization of emotional triggers and subsequent behavior during professional coaching sessions; that’s not the focus of the coaching relationship.

During the coaching sessions, we incrementally work toward your awareness of personal and professional goals, where you are now and develop a pathway toward accomplishment. In a sense, that’s a unique benefit of coaching vice some of the other modalities listed here. Through your own awareness, you become empowered to expect and achieve results.

Consulting. Coaching is not Consulting. While there are many important needs for consulting, it doesn’t provide the important benefit of coaching: Personal and Professional Empowerment. In a consulting environment the issues are laid in the lap of the consultant. In a sense they are told, “Here are the issues. Tell me what to do to rectify them.” In coaching environment, the coach and the client form a partnership of sorts to identify goals and implement changes to achieve results.

Sports. Professional Coaching includes many aspects found within a sports coaching environment. In particular, the concept of being part of a team, identifying areas in need of improvement and subsequently focusing on being your very best. A primary difference however, is that sports coaching is built upon a foundation of competition and considers the “win-lose” scenario. In a Professional Coaching environment, there are times when competition may be considered (sales or other business goals). Yet, you benefit both personally and professionally when you can succeed with a “win-win” approach.

If there areas you want to improve in your life, or perhaps seek new life or career transition, the changes only happen after you choose to act. If you want to get started, fill out the short Contact Form.