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Meditate For Your Peace Of Mind

Meditate for Your Peace of Mind

I’m not talking about planting yourself on a mountaintop and humming at nature. Although that might be a nice break if you’re stuck in a noisy city. Even if you only allow yourself five minutes a day as a start, that’s five minutes of peace you are giving yourself permission to enjoy. There are many methods of meditating. Here are just a couple easy methods to just clear your mind:

1. Focus on abdominal breathing. Take a slow breath in through your nose while pressing your stomach out, hold it just few seconds, then slowly breath out through your mouth while pulling your stomach in. This process helps build your immune system and it releases stress.

2. Listen to gentle, relaxing music. When the world is noisy or sometimes emotionally-charged by those around you, it’s a good time to refocus your mind on something calm. With today’s smartphone technology, there are plenty of options with meditation apps, Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, or a host of other options. For me personally, I find a quiet place EVERY DAY and plug in the ear buds, set a time alarm and just allow my mind to be restful and quiet. If there’s not a quiet place, I go to my car, put the seat back, place a pillow behind my neck, and allow myself this important time.

Whatever your method of allowing yourself mental rest, be sure you take the time each day. If you don’t set good boundaries for yourself, someone else will set them for you. When you allow this time, you clear out the noise that impedes your ability to focus on the life goal you are seeking to achieve.


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